Breaking Through the Noise

With todays consumer bombarded with thousands of messages each day, it is important to break through the noise and ensure that our clients relevant message reaches the right customer.

To make this connection, we engage consumers within the channel that they are most comfortable with and trust.

Our core value proposition is to enhance our business partners' sales and marketing strategies with a highly targeted online presence. We create partner websites that supplement not compete with our partners' existing websites. The look and feel of every website is customized to meet our partners' unique requirements products and services.

How We Do It?

Create a multi-touch point ecosystem – Triangulate the Customer Our best practice methodology is to design a campaign platform that Triangulates the Customer and create channels that have corresponding messaging objectives. Whether researching for new cable services, shopping for a mortgage or looking for that new car consumers complete most of their research online.

These channels must contain a mix of elements such as :

  • Paid Search
  • Organic Search - Optimization
  • Dynamic landing pages for each product or service
  • Mobile Landing Pages and/or fully supported Buy Flows
  • Call Center Off-Ramp Support – Multilingual
  • Persona – Demo Targeting
  • Social Media

Devise an effective single-search strategy
Search is still the single most important tool to drive traffic to your channels. There is increasing competition for a high page rank in all types of search. DGS realize that the most effective SEO (natural search) and PPC (pay-per-click) or SEM (paid search) strategies are holistic and interdependent.

In many verticals, marketers compete hard for generic terms with research sites, lead aggregators, affiliates, and of course, other brand marketers.

Our ‘Deliberate By Design’ approach ensures effective keyword coverage for your brand and generic terms and to ensure that natural search and PPC programs are integrated and working together.

Today’s Customers Demand Relevant Personalized Content

DGS has the knowledge and platforms that can deliver on this great advantage that Digital Direct Marketing affords our clients. Creating different experiences in terms of offers and messaging in real-time for different consumers.

We specialize in delivering custom offers such as special purchase incentives through our digital platforms, then maintaining an up-to-date and accurate online CRM database. This holistic view of customer lifetime value allows DGS to determine the right offer to the right consumer at the right time.

Optimize, Optimize, Optimize
Optimization is at the center of what DGS brings to our clients. Custom ROI models that measure that value of each interaction and touch point guide our decision-making.

Each campaign is optimized prior to launch and post launch. Prior to launch, scenario planning is used to determine the optimal spend. This pre-planning allows us to develop our clients ROI model that is as much a forecasting tool as an evaluator of past performance.

Once the campaign is launched the second phase of optimization begins. Targets are set for each touch point within the ecosystem and evaluated immediately after launch and throughout the duration of the campaign. Our bid strategy in monitored daily with frequent adjustments to keyword lists and day part schedules.

DGS has created highly effective work processes between agency and client that is built on trust and a mutual understanding of success.