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Lindsey Bernhardt

Sr. Manager, Marketing Operations

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Haroon Ibrahim

Director Product Development

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Bill Placke

General Counsel, Corporate Secretary & EVP Business Affairs

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Andrew Wallach

Director, Online Marketing

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Chad Rycenga

Chief Technology Officer

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Maria Miller

Executive Assistant & Office Manager

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Jeff Pratt

VP, Sales Operations

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Jordan Keeler

Partner Manager, dgsEDU

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I really appreciate dgs's approach to Client Relations…long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships are our focus and a top priority.

Taryn Adams
Director of Client Relations

When dgs first launched, we were using manual methods to understand and grow the business. But then we stepped up our game. We now have in place customized systems integrated multiple APIs designed to make intelligent decisions throughout the day and monitor the landscape for changes.

Joe Abraham
VP of Marketing

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Salman Wajid

Executive Director, Sales Center Operations

Trish Johnson

Director, Sales Center Operations

Zulema Caruthers

Director, Sales Center Operations

Megan Kuykendall

EVP, Sales Center Operations

Taryn Adams

Director, Client Relations

Aaron Kravitz

Director, Strategic Accounts, dgsEDU

Nehemiah Loury

Client Strategist, dgsEDU

Jeff Cox

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Faizan Siddiqi

Managing Director, dgs Pvt. Limited (Pakistan)

Fred Lutz

Chief Operating Officer

Ivette Mendez-Kelly

EVP, Business Process

Andrew Lear

Interim Chief Financial Officer

Jeff Pratt

VP, Sales Operations

Joe Abraham

VP, Marketing

Matthew Rodriguez

Manager, Sales Operations

Nathan Barr

VP, Business Intelligence

Michael Darwal

Chief Marketing Officer

John Bock

SVP, Strategic Partnerships

Steve Goodrich

VP, Channel Sales

David Harris

Cofounder & Strategic Partnerships

Gerard Baker

EVP, Business Development

Ansar Muhammad

Director Technology & Architecture