Getting Nostalgic…

Remember the old days? Gathering the family around the 64-inch, LCD, 4K HDTV and watching a timeless classic like Grown Ups 2? The remote-controlled gas fireplace silently flickering in the background, no thoughts of checking the suggested programming, no worries about when a new show would be added to the queue. Those were the days… […]

The End is (Not Really) Near!

There’s been a ton of buzz recently about cable-cutting in favor of Over-the-Top (OTT) content. Some may have you believe that in just a short time, we’ll all be streaming everything from movies to sporting events. And while it’s true that people have been tuning in (streaming in, maybe?) to digital forms of programming as […]

Yahoo is Ditching Digital

Yahoo on mobile phone

In today’s world of cable cutting, it seems everyone with a digital programming platform has a license to print money. With Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime all creating critically-acclaimed original programming, along with broadcasting conventional movies and shows, the home entertainment landscape is changing quickly. Then there’s Yahoo. After taking over the fan-favorite comedy Community, […]

Get the Message: The Tide is Turning on Social

Okay – maybe that’s a little “gloom and doom” for a headline, but there’s been some ground swell of late regarding the shift toward messaging from broadcast content when it comes to social media platforms. It seems that folks (mostly millenials) have started using these channels to communicate directly, as opposed to generic – or […]

The Decline of Vine

What was once the hottest new social media outlet has seen its share of the spotlight dwindle steadily as newer and more well-rounded platforms emerge. When video first entered the picture (pardon the pun), it was seen as a revolution. Now however, it’s a thing of the past, thanks to live video apps like Meerkat […]

Mobile Retail is Growing – Just in Time for the Holidays

Email marketing from ipad

The days of mobile devices being seen as glorified walkie-talkies have come and gone – and now more than ever – marketers are seeing just how important these handheld devices really are when it comes to their bottom line. So important, in fact, that according to a report from Forrester Research, purchasing on mobile devices […]

TPRB, TRP – What Does it All Mean?

By now, we’re all familiar with Facebook’s innovative approach to digital advertising. Whether it’s their new Atlas technology or their recent upgrades to Pages, it’s no secret that the social media behemoth is rewriting the way brands reach their customers. But the latest news out of Palo Alto is that Facebook is turning to a […]

The Heat is On for Digital Advertisers

Social media icon cube

We’ve discussed the growing dissent between advertisers and Internet users before, but as Apple announces its newest devices and features, their newest platform, IOS 9, could be a shot across the bow for mobile advertisers. There has been plenty of talk the recent past about net neutrality and the creation of a “premium Internet”, in […]

Turn the Page(s): Facebook Gives Businesses Mobile Storefronts

Facebook on mobile

In the frenzy that is Apple’s September Event 2015, Facebook (somewhat) quietly announced a significant upgrade to its Pages feature for businesses. In what is the largest change to the format since 2012, Facebook has ultimately revolutionized the way small and medium-sized business will use the platform. By offering clear, concise calls to action, like […]