History & Background

Jeff Cox founded dgs in 2008 with the belief that existing online customer acquisition companies were inadequately serving the telecommunications sector. At the time, Mr. Cox was the Vice President of Sales Channels for Charter Communications, the third largest cable television operators in the United States, where he was responsible for, among other direct sales channels, the online customer acquisition channel.

Shortly after formation, Digital Globe Services Inc. commenced commercial operations in July 2008 with a single client, Insight Communications, with seed funding and logistical and operational support from its majority shareholder, The Resource Group, a specialist investor and active participant in the business process outsourcing sector. Within nine months, Digital Globe Services Inc. was acquiring customers for Insight Communications that had, the Directors believe, amongst the highest lifetime value compared to competing solutions providers.

This demonstrable success helped Digital Globe Services Inc. market its services to the broader telecommunications marketplace. In 2009, Digital Globe Services Inc. added a second telecommunications, with responsibility for the development of external website and sales center online marketing channels. Within twelve months of its engagement, Digital Globe Services Inc. was given further responsibility for customer acquisition through the client’s website.

Also in 2009, Digital Globe Services Inc. added the largest and fifth largest US cable operators to its list of clients. By 2011, Digital Globe Services Inc. had added the second and fourth largest US cable operators. By the start of 2013, Digital Globe Services Inc. has 9 of the top 10 US cable telecommunications companies as clients, collectively representing in excess of 95% of the total US cable telecommunications market in video subscriber terms.

From inception, Digital Globe Services Inc. recognized the need for a cost-efficient engineering, web development, and sales center estate. As a result, in 2008 Digital Globe Services Inc. outsourced offshore sales center operations to BPO Solutions Inc., an indirect subsidiary of its majority shareholder, The Resource Group. Initially the outsourcing was to sales centers in Manila, Philippines and engineering and development operations in Karachi, Pakistan, leveraging The Resource Group resources. In 2009 Digital Globe Services Inc. expanded use of sales center outsourcing with operations in Lahore, Pakistan and in 2011 further expanded its sales center operations into Karachi, Pakistan. The Resource Group, dgs’s majority shareholder, provided key logistical and operational support in helping Digital Globe Services Inc. establish its offshore operations, including its sales center and technology development teams. As part of the corporate reorganization completed in Dec. 2012, dgs was fully independent from The Resource Group in its control of all operations, and dgs now includes a company whose sole purpose is to be the principal provider of all of its offshore operational needs.

dgs’s continuing mission has been to establish itself as the leading provider of outsourced online customer acquisition services, achieved through its focus on having the premier technology platform for price positioning and procurement of paid search advertising.