Lead Generation

At dgs, we offer end-to-end lead management with the capability to manage leads as far as our business partners require us to. The process starts with creating detailed prospect profiles based on our partner’s business model and value proposition and continues with optimizing the back-end of their online marketing channels so that conversion rates increase and ‘no-sale’ leads are monetized. Structured protocols for lead fulfillment and follow-up support are available through our multi-channel service capabilities.

How we do it?

Paid Search Targeting

Our technology monitors bid target and position continuously, allowing dgs to remain in the optimal position that drives profitable leads and conversions for our clients.

Tracking from the Impressions Level

To support detailed reporting and maintain the ideal position for our clients, we track each impression at the keyword performance level through the conversion process affording dgs the Industry Leading ability to drive profitable revenue and orders for our business customers.

Lead Page

Flexibility is what defines our landing pages. Using a proven method of ‘flexible’ slot technology, dgs has the ability to apply external attributes to drive relevant and timely messaging within the landing page.

Sales Center

We provide total customer support, including skilled and knowledgeable inbound telephone agents to handle a wide variety of sales such as billing support and product inquiry.
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