Online Acquisition

dgs applies proprietary technology and customer contact expertise to deliver cost effective, highly profitable online customer acquisition to its clients.

If a company wishes to acquire customers online they can purchase paid search advertising, drive potential customers to their websites or sales centers that they have built and managed and sell their products to those customers. Or they can outsource that entire process to dgs.

The online customer acquisition process:

  • dgs proprietary technology calculates the optimum price to pay to appear in search engine targeted ads
  • dgs drives qualified traffic to web sales portals that it develops, owns and manages
  • dgs supports that sales traffic with either online or sales center fulfillment capabilities
  • When dgs converts interested consumers to actual customers it gets paid by its clients on a variable cost basis


Paid Search

From inception, dgs, Inc. focused on developing proprietary databases and algorithms for efficiently purchasing Internet advertising from search providers such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Search providers typically provide advertisers with the opportunity to position advertisements in response to specific search terms that users enter. At the time a search query is made, the search provider will undertake an auction where parties compete to have their advertising displayed. This is known as ‘Paid Search’.

dgs uses its proprietary technology and data to enter bids in these auctions at price levels that seek to maximize dgs’s profitability and deliver customers who provide the highest revenues to dgs’s clients.

dgs’s proprietary technology and databases, which have been developed and built up over the past five years, and include information on nearly 10 million search terms in over 6,000 geographic locations, afford dgs, the Directors believe, a key source of competitive advantage within its industry


To read more about Paid Search Click here downloadable ‘white paper’ on paid search