Our Technology

Paid Search Targeting

Our robust technology engine monitors Bid Targets and their positions continuously allowing dgs to remain in the optimal position that drives profitable leads and conversions for our clients.

Tracking from the Impressions Level

To support detailed reporting and maintain the ideal position for our clients, we track each impression at the keyword performance level through the conversion process.  

Landing Page

Flexibility is what defines our landing pages. Using a proven method of ‘flexible’ slot technology, dgs has the ability to apply external attributes to drive relevant and timely messaging within the landing page.  

Data Capture

The ability to analyze and leverage data is critical to supporting profitable revenue for our clients. dgs possesses both the knowledge and capabilities to accurately identify and understand the customer base.

Retargeting Capabilities

Retargeting an interested consumer is critically important. dgs has the expertise to evaluate and retarget prospective consumers that have previously engaged our technology assets.

Persona and Demographic Overlay Analysis

Proactively understanding who your target customer is and the ability to instantly modify messaging and offer structure to increase propensity to buy is a game changer in Digital Direct Response Marketing.